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Psychologist’s believe that the language that people use has a significant impact on their emotional well-being and behaviour.

For this reason, Workposters use positive directed language, describing desired behaviour to have a greater impact on students and staff reading Workposters.

Workposter topics have been selected from interviews with schools and organisations, as well as research about the most relevant topics and strategies available.

We’re a bunch of design professionals and psychologists who specialise in communication. Our
staff and consultants have a whole lot of experience working with people who really need
motivation... Like students, school staff, and people in the corporate world.

What’s that about sticks and stones? Nope... Here, we know how important words can be. So
we put our skills together to create positive language in eye-catching ways, designed to motivate, inspire, and strengthen those who see it.

We don’t just blurb any old happy-go-lucky stuff out on bright, colourful posters, though. We do
in-depth research on topics, we interview staff, students, and professionals, and we use design
psychology to create a holistic, effective poster experience that actually works.

Workposters aren’t just for show. But they do bring a bit of brightness to any space!

Thanks to their psychological backing and attention-grabbing design, here are some of the benefits you’ll find when using Workposters in your environment.

●  Promotion of positive values

●  Enhancing atmosphere and culture

●  Creating a safe environment

●  Developing optimism and mental strength

●  Building skills for positive behaviour

You’re probably wondering exactly what to do with Workposters once you’ve got ‘em.

Here are some ideas:

●  Display them strategically in the classroom to promote what you’re teaching.

●  Place them throughout the workplace to promote positivity and good energy.

●  Use them to launch events, or have a specific Workposters launch.

●  Hand out some of our smaller material to students or workers who need it.

●  Have students create their own Workposters with their own values!

● Use the free worksheets in conjunction with the posters to reinforce the message.


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